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Evie's Dedication

Posted by Rod Ferbrache on September 12, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Today has been another milestone in our family. Evie our little grand daughter was dedicated at church this morning. In the Baptist church the Dedication Service replaces the Christening Service. It is a time when we give thanks to God for another precious life, and dedicate her to the Lord. It is also a time when we as a family and church promise to be there for her throughout her life. To care for her, pray for her.

As a proud grandfather it was a privilege to be asked to write a poem for the occasion, as it was for Zach's dedication. Below is the poem which I read today, and is written from the heart about a little girl who has a very big place in our hearts.

It is now over three years when I put pen to paper

And wrote of my love for Zach

We are here once again all gathered together

And so I thought we’d just look back,

To the time when I told you of the concern on my mind,

When I shared of my much guilt and shame.

That I didn’t do babies, not one tiny bit,

They really were not my game.

It’s surprising what happens over just a few years

How babies get under your skin.

I am finding so much of the time spent with them,

Make you giggle, laugh, and grin.

I wondered about things, and how would I feel

When grandchild number two came along

Would I love them as much as I had loved Zach?

Would the bond I have be as strong?

Then Evie was born, a little girl – O Blow!

I was used to having a boy,

She was so different, in so many ways,

Yet an undeniable joy.

She was quiet, and placid, always content

No trouble to look after at all,

And yet in a very special way,

I did in love with her fall.

All children are different; they are their own little selves.

With personality traits.

Are they like their mum, do they look like their dad?

Will they share the same pet hates?

There’s a lot about Evie yet to be revealed,

How will she grow up – we just don’t know.

But our prayer today is that from this young age

Into Jesus she’ll learn to grow.

The bond that she has with Zach is so strong,

You see it in the way that they play.

He is her big brother, her protector and friend,

I just know that so close they will stay.

We have evidence here before us in church,

What happens when God is involved.

A husband, a wife, with two children sweet,

The mystery of true love is solved.

God bless this dear family, as they grow as one.

May His presence be in all that they do?

Lord give them the grace to be there for each other,

May their love for you ever be true?

I have found these three years the most fulfilling yet,

And one thing I must admit – I didn’t do babies,

I was right about that. But I do now ….. Just a bit!

Evie...God Bless you on your special day!

Lauren's Dedication Service

Posted by Rod Ferbrache on October 7, 2009 at 2:42 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you for coming to my special day

I'd love to be able to talk

There's so much on my heart I want to make known

But as yet I can't even walk

So I hope that these words you're about to hear

Will in some way make up for all this

And when I have finished and Uncle Rod has sat down

You can come and give me a kiss


To my mummy and daddy, I love you so much

I depend on you all day long

For the worries you had when you knew I was due

You both were so very strong

And I know that my life will have up's and downs

There will be times of concern and fear

But to have your strong arms to cuddle me tight

Will be enough, and to have you so near.


To all of my family, Michael, Emma and Luke

You look after me oh so well

When I grow up I'll say "You can play with MY toys",

And it will be my turn a story to tell

I know at the moment I can't do very much

I'm no good at playing a game

But the time will soon come when I'm running around

And we can all be playing the same


To the folks who are here, please pray for me

I've been dedicated today

So that when I grow up I'll love Jesus as well

And I'll learn how to worship and pray.

I'll need you to show me the way I should live

How to use my hands and feet

To learn how to speak, where I should go

If my Saviour I'm going to meet


So thank you again for my special day

When we says thanks to God just for me

And when people ask who does she look like

When they look, may they see only Thee

I want to be a child of the Lord,

To walk in the way that He leads

So today is the first step that I have made

You have helped to sow the first seed -

That one day will grow for all to see -

 An example of God's love and grace

Oh, may they see Jesus in all that I do

Until I shall see His blessed face.