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I said I don't do babies but.......

Posted by Rod Ferbrache on October 1, 2009 at 3:25 PM

 This was a poem I wrote for our Grandson's dedication service, as my wife will tell you I am a changed man!


When the news broke that a baby was due,

So many were filled with such glee,

They said "Oh how wonderful, super, what joy,

How excited and thrilled you must be?".

I shrugged my shoulders and cracked a weak smile,

Endeavoured to share their delight,

But deep down inside I felt nothing stir,

Though I strived with all of my might.


 I've never gone "coo  oh don't you look sweet"

When looking at proud mother's tots,

All I could think of was the smell of sour milk

Dirty nappies when the kids got the trots.

You might have guessed by what I've just said,

I don't do babies, they're just not my scene,

They sleep so much, need a regular feed

And other than that, just scream.


 So the news of a grandchild although good in itself,

Didn't exactly make my day,

Thrilled for our daughter and son-in-law too,

But hoped it wouldn't get in the way,

Of days on Fermain and bird watching trips,

Of doing the things that I do,

I don't do babies you see; they're not much fun,

I much prefer when they're two.


Then you can chat and chase them about,

Play hide and seek in the park,

Make sandcastles, mud pies, catch tadpoles and fish,

Scary stories when it gets dark,

But a baby,  what can you do with them,  not very much,

They just lie there, they're, no pleasure at all,

You've got such a long wait for them to grow up,

And it's months before they can crawl.


Oh no, I don't do babies, not one little bit,

At least that's what I used to say,

But all of that changed when Zach turned up,

It happened all in one day!

I still don't do "coo" and go, "goo goo, wow,

Doesn't your baby look sweet",

But I tell you what, when it comes to our Zach,

Each moment with him is a treat.

He's transformed my life; he is so much fun,

There are lots and lots we can do,

There's bath-time, there's feeding, playing on the floor,

And walks with the buggy too.

He giggles and laughs, makes faces and noise,

Each one a delight to behold,

I live for each moment I spend with him,

The joy he gives can't be told.


I'm thrilled and proud to be standing here,

Sharing this service with you,

We entrust him to Jesus to grow into a man,

Who follows the path that is true,

I know as I stand here, there is a risk,

You look upon me as a nut,

For all I have said, and it is quite true,

I said - I don't do babies ........... but.?








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