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Father of the Bride

Posted by Rod Ferbrache on October 3, 2009 at 1:37 PM


I can honestly say that this day was one of the happiest in my life. Everything was just perfect.
Due to my poets bent it was expected for me to write my speech in rhyme.
It was such a pleasure to speak the words below over my daughter and her husband on that day.
Yes parenthood can be an awesome responsibility, but that is matched by the tremendous pride and pleasure that it brings too.

I woke up this morning and got out of bed
I opened the curtains quite wide
Then looked out the window, the sun was high up
Out came an involuntary sigh.
I gazed at my bathers still wrapped in their towel
They won’t travel far today.
My binoculars too seemed to beckon to me
I apologised and said you must stay.
“You see, just today I’ve been told what to do
And swimming and birding are banned”.
I must dress in a suit and yes even a tie
A wedding’s apparently planned.

It’s been busy at home these last few weeks,
I’ve seen dresses come in and go out.
“Do I look OK in this?” I am asked
The answer I gave brought a clout!!
And then there’s the guest list, yes all of you here
Have been carefully chosen, each one.
If we invite Mary and Peter I’m told
Then we’ve just got to have Uncle John.
If you look under “L” in the phone book you’ll find
That the Langlois go on quite a bit
But if under “F” the Ferb’s are found
They too on one page wouldn’t fit!

So no wonder we’re here at the OGH
If you all wanted to have seat.
The down side as far as for me is concerned
I’ve been told that this is my treat!
Since most of you people are familiar with church
And we’ve not had an offering yet
A retiring collection in lieu of a gift
Is something I thought I might get?
But since I am here and I’m up on my feet
I suppose you expect me to say
“As the dad of the bride I’m swelling with pride
To be giving my daughter away

One begins to think of the things I will miss
Now my girl has left our nest.
It won’t be the rush to bathroom each day
To be there ahead of the rest.
I’ll also be sure that the razors I use
Will be mine or even brand new
When the phone rings at tea time
And I jump from my chair
I won’t have to say “it’s for you!”
In fact if it rings I really expect
It will be a wrong number – or worse
It’s usually for Martels whose numbers like ours
When someone requires a hearse!!
Some people say your are losing your girl
I suppose in a way it is true
But on the plus side I’ll be gaining two rooms
And one girl less using the loo.

I must say I’m worried by the marriage she’ll have
Not knowing whom her husband will be.
We’ve seen Tim as so many characters now
I wonder when he comes home for tea
Will it be Rafiki that comes through the door?
Or will it be slick Mr Finch.
It could even be Pumbaa who shouts “I’m home luv”
Or if he’s really mixed up - Bet Lynch!!
There’s been West Side Story, and a part in Fame
Jesus Christ in Super Star.
With so much talent, and the gift of the gab
There's a good chance he could go far

When you start a young family you have goals and dreams
Of what you would like them to be
But there’s no guarantee of how they’ll turn out
Only time allows you to see –
If pleasure or pain is the fruit you must bear
You can only give them your best
There’s only so much that you can impart
You must leave them to do the rest.
Time has passed so quickly; it seems no time at all
Since with Cindy’s and Lego they played
But now they’ve grown up and with pride I can say
From our values they have not strayed

I’m proud to be here, to be called Sarah’s dad
To be part of her special day
There may be a tear, a lump in the throat
But Judy and I want to say
If Tim and Sarah have half of our joy
If they have just a part of our life
Then she’ll have the best husband the Lord could provide
And Tim will have the best wife.

We know that the Lord has played the main part
In bringing these two side by side
They have sacrificed much in the last three years
As their paths had to often divide.
But that time has flown past, the future stretches ahead
We know not what it may hold
But this I can say with all of my heart
We all wish you a life of pure gold.
Just cherish each moment - they only pass once
Savour each of the days that you share
Don’t be the last one to say sorry, I was wrong
Be quick to show that you care

The secret of marriage is not give and take
It’s not always the things that you do.
No, be quick to forgive, do not harbour a grudge
And continually say, “I love you.”
I’m sure all of you here would like to join me
In wishing this couple God’s best
Then I’ll pass my cap round, give as much as you can
As I'm down to my very last vest



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